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Truck driving as a couple


Ever thought about hitting the road with your spouse?

Being on the road has many perks, but truck drivers sometimes find it challenging to be away from friends and family. As for romantic relationships, they can be practically impossible, especially if the couple in question can only spend a day or so together each month. Some truckers find ways to work around this. Others decide they want to team up with their partners and set out on the road as a duo.

That's right: Many truckers bring along spouses or significant others to share the experience and the driving. More miles can be covered if one person sleeps while the other is behind the wheel, which means that more jobs can be taken and money earned. But what is it really like to hit the road with your main squeeze? Is it advisable, or a deal breaker?

Freedom of the open road
Before deciding to drive as a duo, couples need to assess where they are in life. It makes the most sense for a team to be without major obligations, noted CDL Training Today. Those younger and right out of training are less likely to have children and are subsequently more free to take off and drive together. Older couples may be empty nesters, and therefore able to leave their home for weeks at a time on assignments. Driving together may also be a way for some pairs to experience active retirement and the source said that those crossing the U.S. together may make up to $100,000 combined a year.

However, hopping on the road together may not be easy. Road King profiled several couples who chose to drive in tandem, and guess what was the biggest takeaway? It's an adjustment. One husband asked his wife to join him, and while she was excited by the prospect, it took her a while to adapt. She told the source that, at first, the truck was louder than she expected and she had trouble spending so much time in the small cab space. Additionally, showers and grooming practices had to change; she learned to use truck stop facilities and brush her teeth with bottled water. However, she did adapt and the team are happy working and living together.

Sharing the load
A team driving together can reach their destination more quickly, taking turns behind the wheel in shifts. However, this is not the only way couples can help each other in the cab. According to Road King, another featured driving couple work on different tasks. If one person is driving, the other is checking out the weather, navigating and communicating with dispatch. This allows the driver to focus solely on the traffic and the road, which can help them to operate the vehicle more safely.

Couples who want to pair up in the cab also need to be honest with themselves. If both parties like to spend time alone, then duo driving simply won't work. However, if the goal is to spend more time together, or both people really love collaborating, then team-based driving may be one of the best things that happens to the relationship. The consensus does seem to be that team driving is fun, so maybe consider taking on the responsibility with your significant other - it will certainly be a lucrative adventure.

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