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Here are the latest truck tire updates.
Is the overall economy strong enough to support freight hauling?
Where will infrastructure repair funds come from?
Carriers are always in need of more qualified employees.
Hours of service regulations are always relevant - potential logging and requirement changes are worth watching.
Seeing which rules are and aren't advancing shows the direction of the FMCSA.
What kinds of projects are trucking companies using to fight the driver shortage?
What will it take to hold onto trucking employees this year?
Highway traffic is costly for trucking.
Fleets should tackle the possibility of driver burnout head-on to prevent it.
Great expectations for late 2017 have gotten fleets in the mood to add assets.
Retaining drivers is a critical determinant of fleet success.
Fleet owners are interested in hiring more women - this could require a unique approach.
Cutting emissions is still on the agenda in trucking.
Are there enough parking spaces for trucks? Surveys say probably not.
It's time to look at a few isolated elements of the ELD mandate as it gets close.
New and used truck markets are in a familiar place - facing cautions optimism.
Regional hauling is getting direct attention from OEMs.
The 2017 trucking outlook is complex and many sources will have input.
With Tesla's imminent involvement, trucking and electricity may finally meet.