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Weather can be a challenge for drivers around the holidays.
Take some extra precautions in cold weather.
Ever thought about hitting the road with your spouse?
Keep your hands clean and the germs away.
Be wise to save at the fuel pump.
Always buckle up behind the wheel.
Drivers can go into business for themselves.
You don't need fancy equipment to get fit.
Imagine a hat that could help truckers stay alert on the roads.
Truck drivers pass through some dramatic parts of the U.S.
Truckers can fit in fitness - running or HIIT training are two ways to go.
Truck drivers will be restricted in the times they can make deliveries in the Big Apple.
That taco might be tempting - but don't eat while you're driving.
Truckers needed: Head to school to obtain your CLD as there is quite the shortage at present.
Be sure to get your eight hours of sleep to function optimally on the road.
For a trucker, there are many things he or she can expect in a typical day.
Truck drivers have differing opinions on ELD rules.
Truck drivers and others can be safer on the roads - and the government wants to help.
Truck driving isn't just for men.
Ready for your first year as a truck driver?